Saturday, November 4, 2017

#Inktober 2017, part 2

Prompts: "skcreech," "fanged fiends"

Prompts: "gigantic," "martian mayhem"

Prompts: "run," "swamp citizens"

Prompts: "shattered," "reel monsters" 

Prompts: "fierce," "owl be back"

Prompts: "mysterious," "cornfield capers"

Prompts: "fat," "carnival"

Prompts: "graceful," "toadsday"

Prompts: "filthy," "crypt creeps"

Prompt: "deep"

Prompts: "furious," "cadaverous cowboys"

Prompts: "trail," "ghast Christmas"

Prompts: "juicy," "sewer settlers"

Prompts: "blind," "aw, hex"

Prompt: "ship"

Prompt: "squeak"

Prompt: "Franken Friday"

Prompt: "ghouls rush in"

Prompt: "united"

Prompt: "found"

Prompt: "mask"

Sunday, October 8, 2017

#Inktober 2017

I've been doing Inktober since 2013. You can read about its genesis here; basically, it's anybody who cares to participate creating a new ink drawing every day for the month of October, and posting it to social media. I've been coming up with my own ideas for drawings until last year, when I started using Drawlloween prompts. 

This year I'm using both prompts for Inktober and Drawlloween to come up with drawings that are...definitely more challenging, and perhaps harder to predict. I've been posting them to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Below are the drawings that I've done so far this Inktober. 

Prompts: "Swift" "Return from the Dead"
Drawing: (Bowling ball) return from the dead

Prompts: "Divided," "Summon Day"
Drawing: Summoning Cho'Gall

Prompts: "Poison," "Tombsday"
Drawing: Mummy snake

Prompts: "Underwater," "Pumpkin wicket this way comes."
Drawing: Headless horseman on a seahorse

Prompts: "Long," "Full moon follies"
Drawing: Weresnake

Prompts: "Sword," "Folklore Friday"
Drawing: The TrĘ°ng Sisters

Prompts: "Shy," "Cobweb crawlers"
Drawing: Spider-Man with social anxiety

Prompts: "Crooked," "Deep sea denizens"
Drawing: Angler fish on a private jet

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Intent still ain't magic

Last week I witnessed an argument in which a guy who considers himself a "rationalist" proceeded to lecture a group of people in shock over police in St. Louis killing a transgender woman on how the use of a transphobic slur isn't an issue if it wasn't malicious, and if you can't prove that it was used maliciously, you're just hurting "your cause," (which, it turned out, referred to "the left").

A number of people tried to make this guy understand that words are considered slurs in the first place because the consequence of their use is harm regardless of how they were intended, but he simply repeated over and over again that "the only relevant point" is whether the slur is used "maliciously."

"I'm trying to give you a friendly warning here," he said, "You're hurting your own cause. Seriously."